Osetra Royal Malossol Caviar

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Delectably fresh and fruity, Royal osetra caviar has a full color of deep, dark brown, with a firm grain, pleasing and distinctive nutty taste that inspires fierce loyalty among its supporters.

Royal Osetra caviar is one of our most popular caviars, because its bold sea-flavor can hold its own in creams and sauces, or provide the perfect accent atop main courses. Osetra caviar is revered the world over as a particularly versatile caviar, that pleases the brine-lovers and subtle palates.

The size of the grains osetra royal caviar  is about 2 mm and has a dark brown color.

The nutritional value per 100 g of osetra royal malossol caviar is:
proteins-28 g;
fats-9.7 g;
In 100 g of royal oscietra caviar contains 203 kcal.


Please keep in mind that caviar is a perishable product and in order for it to arrive fresh we only ship via overnight delivery. Every package we ship is packed in a box with an insulated foam container (mini refrigerator) and includes ice gel packs. This type of packaging is capable of storing the caviar fresh for at least two days. If it is shipped to a cooler region and depending on the weather it will stay fresh for an even longer period.

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