Original Golden Pike Caviar

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Original golden pike caviar is a very popular and dietary delicacy.
Pike caviar is considered an integral snack of any festive table!
Pike roe does not contain carbohydrates and contains only 1.5% fat, as well as 30% digestible protein, which makes this type of caviar dietary.
In its value, pike caviar is absolutely not inferior to black caviar of sturgeon origin and red caviar of salmon origin.
The grains of pike caviar are small, but have a wonderful, rich taste with a slight bitterness. By themselves, the grains of pike caviar have a pinkish-gray shade, but with proper salting, pike caviar acquires a very beautiful golden color and an unforgettable delicate taste.
Pike roe is considered a very nutritious and healthy delicacy, contains a large amount of vitamins (A, B, E, D), as well as omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids.
The nutritional value per 100 g of original golden pike caviar is:
proteins-26 g;
fats-3 g;
carbohydrates-0 g;
In 100 g of pike caviar contains 131 kcal.

Please keep in mind that caviar is a perishable product and in order for it to arrive fresh we only ship via overnight delivery. Every package we ship is packed in a box with an insulated foam container (mini refrigerator) and includes ice gel packs. This type of packaging is capable of storing the caviar fresh for at least two days. If it is shipped to a cooler region and depending on the weather it will stay fresh for an even longer period.

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